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    UltiClip Classic

    Mount your holster or sheath with the Ulticlip Classic. The Ulticlip Classic features a two-part mounting bracket that enables it to function with holsters and sheaths that have a single-point attachment and those that utilize a retention slot to secure the clip in position, eliminating the need for a screw.
    Canada's Source for UltiClip EDC Carry

    UltiClip Slim 2.2

    The Ulticlip Slim 2.2 measures just over 1/2 inch in width and is a mere 2.2 inches long, making it perfect for smaller applications while still offering excellent retention. The clip's single-slotted mounting area allows for the use of two screws to prevent rotation.
    Canada's Source for UltiClip Slim 2.2 EDC Carry

    UltiClip XL

    The Ulticlip XL is an innovative carry solution that offers unmatched convenience and versatility to users. With its multi-tool holster clip and locking steel belt loop, you can carry your holster, knife sheath or accessory in various positions.
    Canada's Source for UltiClip XL EDC Carry

    UltiClip Slim 3.3

    The Ulticlip Slim 3.3 is an effective fixed-blade knife EDC-carrying solution. At just over 1/2" wide, this clip is particularly well-suited for knife sheaths and other narrow applications.
    Canada's Source for UltiClip Slim 3.3 EDC Carry

    UltiClip 3+

    The Ulticlip3+ is an updated version of the Ulticlip, designed for everyday carry (EDC) and knives. It offers excellent retention and concealment, just like the original Ulticlip, but with additional features that make it more versatile.
    Canada's Source for UltiClip 3+ EDC Carry

    UltiClip UltiLink

    The UltiLink is a versatile linking system that enables quick and effortless attachment, detachment, and reattachment of various items such as molle gear, sheaths, and mag carriers.
    Canada's Source for UltiLink by UltiClip