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    Squid Folding Knife | CRKT®

    It may be small, but the Squid packs a punch. This EDC folder comes equipped with assisted opening, a flipped, and a blade friction grooves for extra grip.

    CEO Compact Folding Knife | CRKT®

    Built for success, the CEO Compact is supremely low profile with its compact build to fit perfectly in any pocket, but remains perfectly easy to handle making it perfect for anyone's EDC.

    Pocketboy 130mm Blade Folding Saw | Silky Saws

    The Pocketboy 130mm blade folding saw is a little giant and packs a punch with its impressive cutting capacity and compact design. The Pocketboy Blade is a straight blade and is 130mm (5.12") long with 20 teeth per 30mm.
    Canada's Source for the Pocketboy Saw™

    Åby Forest Axe | Hultafors

    The Åby Forest Axe is a versatile and attractive tool that can be used for various purposes. The blade of the axe is straight and has been ground to a fine edge, while a notch is provided below the head to enhance precision.
    Canada's Source for the Hultafors® Felling Axes

    Felling Axe HY 10 | Hultafors

    This Swedish Felling Axe is suitable for small-scale felling, made from blasted and clear-lacquered ironwork. The shaft is curved and made from hickory.
    Canada's Source for the Hultafors® Felling Axes

    UltiClip UltiTuck

    With its innovative design, the UltiTuck transforms a traditional holster into a tuckable holster, providing excellent concealment and retention. Furthermore, the UltiTuck is built around the Ulticlip patented locking system, allowing for beltless carry.
    Canada's Source for UltiClip EDC Carry

    UltiClip MP Carrier

    The MP Carrier is a versatile carrier that uses the patented UltiLink system. It allows quick and secure attachment of items like tourniquets, trauma shears, and knives from various angles. The carrier's innovative design allows for easy deployment and retrieval of these items.
    Canada's Source for MP Carrier by UltiClip

    UltiClip UltiPlate

    Ultiplate is a versatile mounting plate that is specifically made to be used with any Ulticlip. It has 9 slots for mounting that are strategically placed to allow attachment to both regular and irregular hole spacings of 1.5 inches.
    Canada's Source for UltiClip UltiPlate

    UltiClip UltiLink Pinion Expansion

    Additional Pinion expansion to the UltiLink system. Includes 2 Pinions with mounting hardware for belts, molle, knife sheaths, holsters, and other applications.
    Canada's Source for UltiLink Pinion Expansion by UltiClip

    UltiClip UltiLink Lock Expansion

    Additional Lock expansion to the UltiLink system. Includes lock with mounting hardware for belts, molle, knife sheaths, holsters, and other applications.
    Canada's Source for UltiLink Lock Expansion by UltiClip

    UltiClip UltiLink

    The UltiLink is a versatile linking system that enables quick and effortless attachment, detachment, and reattachment of various items such as molle gear, sheaths, and mag carriers.
    Canada's Source for UltiLink by UltiClip

    UltiClip 3+

    The Ulticlip3+ is an updated version of the Ulticlip, designed for everyday carry (EDC) and knives. It offers excellent retention and concealment, just like the original Ulticlip, but with additional features that make it more versatile.
    Canada's Source for UltiClip 3+ EDC Carry

    CEO MicroFlipper Sheepsfoot | CRKT®

    It may be small, but the MicroFlipper CEO is an efficient worker, known for its elegance and work ethic. This clean and simple blade weighs at a tiny 48 grams, perfect for the jeans pocket, or a suit jacket.

    Skeggox Axe | CRKT®

    Just like its Norse forebearers, the Skeggox is a go-anywhere, do-anything axe. The SK-5 Carbon steel allows for great edge retention for chopping firewood and the bearded axe head allows for a close grip perfect for precision work.
    Canada's Source for the Skeggox Axe by CRKT®

    Blade Grinding Attachment for Ken Onion Knife Sharpener™ | Work Sharp®

    The Work Sharp Blade Grinding Attachment is specifically created to be used alongside the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener. Its purpose is to provide users with superior sharpening control and increased surface area, resulting in an unparalleled knife sharpening experience.
    Canada's Source for the Attachment for Ken Onion Knife Sharpener™

    Endorser Folding Knife | CRKT®

    The CRKT Endorser is a utility-driven drop-point blade shape and a handle design featuring finger grooves and a slight palm swell, this folding knife is both functional and ergonomic.

    Razel™ Nax | CRKT®

    The Razel™ Nax looks like someone took a knife and an axe and had a love child, creating a hybrid tool that can push cut, scrape, slice, and chop with ease.
    Canada's Source for the Razel Nax by CRKT®

    UltiClip Slim 3.3

    The Ulticlip Slim 3.3 is an effective fixed-blade knife EDC-carrying solution. At just over 1/2" wide, this clip is particularly well-suited for knife sheaths and other narrow applications.
    Canada's Source for UltiClip Slim 3.3 EDC Carry

    UltiClip XL

    The Ulticlip XL is an innovative carry solution that offers unmatched convenience and versatility to users. With its multi-tool holster clip and locking steel belt loop, you can carry your holster, knife sheath or accessory in various positions.
    Canada's Source for UltiClip XL EDC Carry

    UltiClip Slim 2.2

    The Ulticlip Slim 2.2 measures just over 1/2 inch in width and is a mere 2.2 inches long, making it perfect for smaller applications while still offering excellent retention. The clip's single-slotted mounting area allows for the use of two screws to prevent rotation.
    Canada's Source for UltiClip Slim 2.2 EDC Carry

    UltiClip Classic

    Mount your holster or sheath with the Ulticlip Classic. The Ulticlip Classic features a two-part mounting bracket that enables it to function with holsters and sheaths that have a single-point attachment and those that utilize a retention slot to secure the clip in position, eliminating the need for a screw.
    Canada's Source for UltiClip EDC Carry

    Basic 546 Stainless Steel Knife | Morakniv®

    The stainless steel version of the classic Basic knife from Mora. The blade is carefully selected stainless steel that stays sharp for a long time and is the best choice when working in an outdoor environment.
    Canada's Source for the Basic 546 Stainless Knife by Morakniv®

    Hatchet Hawk by KA-BAR®

    Style: Hatchet
    Overall Length: 44.45 cm (16.125 Inches)
    Blade Length: 12.65 cm (4.75 Inches)
    Blade Steel: 5Cr15
    Handle Material: TPR
    Sheath Material: Nylon
    Canada's Source for KA-BAR® Hatchet Hawk

    Ramadi™ | CRKT®

    Strong, sturdy, and reliable. Designed by retired Sergeant Major Darrin William Sirois, the Ramadi™ is the dependable, tactical carry that’s sure to have your back. Sleek and strong, this knife knows how to navigate every mission at hand.
    Canada's Source for the Ramadi by CRKT®

    KA-BAR Sharpener by KA-BAR®

    Style: Knife Sharpener Length: 6.375 Inches Weight: 0.15 Pounds Handle Material: Creamid Edge Angle: 22.5 Canada's Source for KA-BAR® Sharpeners

    SPACE-BAR Knife by KA-BAR

    $123.99 $129.85
    Style: Fixed Straight Blade
    Overall Length: 30 cm (11.75 in.)
    Blade Steel: SPACE GRADE 1095 Cro-Van Steel Blade with Grey Powder Coating
    Blade Length: 17.8 cm (7 in.)
    Handle: SPACE BLUE Kraton G® Handle
    Sheath: Grey Hard Plastic Sheath
    Canada's Source for KA-BAR's intergalactic warfare weaponry

    'Za Saw Pizza Cutter by KA-BAR®

    Style: Pizza Cutter Length: 7.5 Inches Weight: 0.3 Pounds Handle Material: Creamid Knife Material: 440A Stainless Steel Canada's Source for KA-BAR® Pizza Cutter's

    Tactical Spork Three-Pack by KA-BAR®

    Style: SPORK (Spoon/Fork/Knife) Length: 6.875" overall and has a blade length of 2.5" Weight: 0.1 Pounds Material: Food and water approved Grilamid Units: Three-pack Canada's Source for KA-BAR® Sporks

    Forged Wrench Knife by KA-BAR®

    Style: Fixed Drop Point Overall Length: 18.1 cm (7.125 in.) Blade Steel: 425 High Carbon Stainless Blade Length: 7.6 cm (3 in.) Handle: 425 High Carbon Stainless Steel Sheath: Hard Plastic Canada's Source for the KA-BAR Knives

    Outdoor Hunting Knife by Old Hickory® of OKC®

    Style: Hunting Knife
    Overall Length: 25.7 cm (10.13 in.)
    Blade Steel: High Carbon steel
    Blade Length: 14 cm (5.5 in.)
    Handle: Brown Hardwood
    Canada's Source for Old Hickory® Knives by Ontario Knife Company®

    Krait Knife Spear Folder by First Tactical®

    Item: Folding KnifeStyle: Modified Spear PointManufacturer: First Tactical®Overall Length: Open: 8.25 in (20.96 cm)Blade Steel: D2Blade Length: 3.51 in (8.95 cm)Edge: Straight EdgeHandle: G-10Canada's Source for First Tactical® Folding Knives

    Sidewinder Range Knife by First Tactical®

    Item: Folding KnifeStyle: Modified Spear PointManufacturer: First Tactical®Overall Length: Open: 8.48 in (21.4 cm)Blade Steel: AUS8Blade Length: 3.52 in (8.94 cm)Edge: Partially Serrated Handle: FRN (Black or Red)Canada's Source for First Tactical® Folding Knives