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    Knife and Tool Sharpeners

    Nobody likes a dull tool. With one of our great sharpeners from Work Sharp, KA-BAR, and Lansky you will cut through any task as if it's a piece of paper.

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    Blade Grinding Attachment for Ken Onion Knife Sharpener™ | Work Sharp®

    The Work Sharp Blade Grinding Attachment is specifically created to be used alongside the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener. Its purpose is to provide users with superior sharpening control and increased surface area, resulting in an unparalleled knife sharpening experience.
    Canada's Source for the Attachment for Ken Onion Knife Sharpener™

    Guided Field Knife Sharpener | Work Sharp®


    The Guided Field Sharpener is a robust yet compact field sharpener that incorporates 5 stages of sharpening and honing. The sharpener features 20 degree guides, 320 & 600 grit diamond, fine ceramic rod, and a leather strop.

    Canada's Source for the Guided Field Sharpener™

    Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener | Work Sharp®

    Ken Onion knows a thing or two about making great knives and so he helped Work Sharp create the Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener that gives you more power, more flexibility, and more control.
    Canada's Source for the Ken Onion Knife & Tool Sharpener

    Knife & Tool Sharpener MK.2 | Work Sharp®

    $139.99 $190.00
    The Knife & Tool Sharpener MK.2 is a powerful tool destined to end up in any DIY'er or avid knife and tool user's garage. Featuring flexible belts and sharpening guides, the MK.2 sharpens quickly and with ease.
    Canada's Source for the Knife & Tool Sharpener MK.2

    Micro Sharpener & Knife Tool | Work Sharp®


    The EDC Micro Sharpener & Knife Tool is a great ultralight and compact tool that is perfect for stowing away in your bag for when your knife needs a quick sharpen or maintenance with the included Torx bits.

    Canada's Source for the Micro Sharpener™

    Pivot Knife Sharpener | Work Sharp®

    Compact, effective, and easy to use. The Pivot knife Sharpener gets the job done with the 25 degree convex-carbide® sharpening blades, the 320 grit diamond sharpening surface for touch-ups, and ceramic for honing.
    Canada's Source for the Pivot Knife Sharpener™

    Pivot Pro Knife Sharpener™ | Work Sharp®

    With great grip comes great sharpen-ability. The Pivot Pro knife Sharpener can sharpen knives, axes, tools, scissors, and serrations with ease in the field or in the garage.
    Canada's Source for the Pivot Pro Knife Sharpener™

    Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener™ | Work Sharp®

    The Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener secures the knife in place, can sharpen at one-degree increment from 15 to 30 degrees, and features their Tri-Brasive® which includes 320 grit coarse, 600 grit fine diamond plates, and a fine grit ceramic stone.
    Canada's Source for the Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener™

    Upgrade Kit for Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener™ | Work Sharp®

    $109.95 $119.99
    The Upgrade kit for the bestselling Precision Adjust adds two Tri-Brasive® rods for even finer sharpening, as well as a carry case for the Precision Adjust and the included rods.
    Canada's Source for the Upgrade kit for Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener™

    KA-BAR Sharpener by KA-BAR®

    Style: Knife Sharpener Length: 6.375 Inches Weight: 0.15 Pounds Handle Material: Creamid Edge Angle: 22.5 Canada's Source for KA-BAR® Sharpeners

    Benchstone Knife Sharpener™ | Work Sharp®


    The Benchstone Knife Sharpener makes manual benchtop sharpening fast and easy with its three-sided abrasive sharpening system and Worksharp's innovative Pivot-Response system that allows the abrasive to follow the curve of the blade.

    Canada's Source for the Benchstone Knife Sharpener™

    Combo Knife Sharpener™ | Work Sharp®

    Easy-to-use electric knife sharpener with a 25-degree angle guide for both sharpening and honing.
    Canada's Source for the Combo Knife Sharpener™

    Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener™ | Work Sharp®


    The Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener makes sharpening kitchen knives fast and easy with its 20-degree flexible abrasives and the integrated ceramic wheel for honing to factory sharpness.

    Canada's Source for the Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener™

    GI Sharpening Stone

    These US Military issue sharpening stone comes with key ring for easy attachment to keys or belt and also has a hard plastic case. The stone is ideal for sharping knives out in the field.

    Ken Onion Angle Set Knife Sharpener™ | Work Sharp®

    The Ken Onion designed Angle Set sharpener makes edge restoration quick and easy with Work Sharps signature Tri-Brasive three-sided sharpening surface and the angle set allows for simple verticle sharpening.
    Canada's Source for the Ken Onion Angle Set Knife Sharpener™