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    The company KA-BAR Knives is known by many as a company that makes high quality US made knives, and they are not wrong, but to say they only make high-quality US-made knives is a mistake. That is because some of their best products do not have a blade (unless you are talking about the Pizza Cutter). Here we have gathered all of KA-BAR's Knives non-knife products.

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    Attachment System by KA-BAR®

    The KA-BAR Attachment System allows alternate sheath configurations such as horizontal/scout carry. The attachment system may work with non KA-BAR products such as holsters. It is MOLLE compatible.

    Backpack Kaster by KA-BAR®

    Style: Lightweight Fishing System Length: 6.25 Inches Weight: 0.25 Pounds Handle Material: Ultramid® B3EG6 Canada's Source for KA-BAR® Backpack Kaster

    Chopsticks by KA-BAR®

    Built for the tactically aesthetic inclined, the KA-BAR Chopsticks will allow you to strategically and ruthlessly devour your dinner; show the noodles no mercy.
    Canada's Source for KA-BAR® Chopsticks

    Dessert Destroyer Ice Cream Scoop by KA-BAR®

    Style: Ice Cream Scoop Length: 7.7 Inches Weight: 0.25 Pounds Handle Material: Creamid Dishwasher Safe?: Yes Desserts: DESTROYED Canada's Source for KA-BAR® Dessert Destroyer

    Emergency Whistle by KA-BAR®

    Style: Whistle Length: 0.75 Inches Weight: 0.001 Pounds Handle Material: Creamid Decibels: 100 Package: Two-pack Canada's Source for KA-BAR® Emergency Whistle

    Folding Saw by KA-BAR®

    The KA-BAR Folding Saw is the perfect sidekick for a hike in the woods, a hunting adventure, or riding shotgun in your side by side. The compact design makes it ideal to toss in a pack or storage compartment, so you are never left without a way to build a shelter.

    Furniture Grade Presentation Case - KA-BAR®

    Walnut display case with burgundy colored velour--BAR®'s-covered pillow displays KA-BAR®'s KA-BAR® knives up to 13 inches overall. Hinged glass-top cover locks for safe keeping. Two wall mounts allow case to be displayed on a wall.

    Hobo 3-in-1 Utensil Kit by KA-BAR®

    ItemUtensil Kit

    KA-BAR Playing Cards

    Item:Playing Cards

    KA-BAR Sharpener by KA-BAR®

    Style: Knife Sharpener Length: 6.375 Inches Weight: 0.15 Pounds Handle Material: Creamid Edge Angle: 22.5 Canada's Source for KA-BAR® Sharpeners

    KA-BAR® Lake Effect Ice Scraper by KA-BAR

    Style: Lake Effect Ice Scraper Canada's Source for the KA-BAR Ice Scrapers®


    Item:Tactical Bottle Opener

    KA-BAR non-Knives

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