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    Biwa™ | CRKT®

    Renowned knife designer, Alan Folts focuses on two ideas; Creative futuristic design, and precise ergonomics. Built for outdoors people who pride themselves on their super lightweight gear; The Biwa weighs in at a tiny 45 grams, but is strong enough to get the job done.

    Chanceinhell™ Machete | CRKT

    Bulky, Heavy Duty, strong, comfortable. Comfort does not seem like a relevant part of a survival machete, but the award-winning designer, Ken Onion knows better. The Chanceinhell machete not only battles extreme situations, but it also helps fend off your physical exhaustion.

    Chogan™ Hammer Axe | CRKT®

    Both practical and tactical, the Chogan Hammer Axe chops all of the firewood you’ll ever need, along with effortlessly hammering your tent’s stakes deep into the ground. A multi-purposeful carry, it makes perfect sense in any adventure bag.
    Canada's Source for the Chogan™ Hammer by CRKT®

    Clever Girl™ Kukri | CRKT®

    The Clever Girl Kukri is built for the battlefield and can stand up to any challenge from mother nature. The Clever Girl looks slick and is functionally great at chopping firewood, digging, and cutting.
    Canada's Source for the Clever Girl Kukri by CRKT®

    KUK™ Machete | CRKT®

    In designing the KUK, Ryan Johnson was inspired by the Nepalese tactical and utilitarian machete kukri. The Kuk features a full tang recurved blade made from bulky carbon steel. The Kuk is a perfect combination of balance, function, and awesomely over the top.

    M16® - 13FX Fixed Tanto | CRKT®

    The M16 series is CRKT's most popular knife series thanks to the ingenuity and great designs of the late Kit Carson. To honour the legacy of Carson, CRKT has continued to create new iterations of the beloved M16 line. The 13FX is the next great step in the M16 line. This knife is the first fixed blade in the series which will allow you to go further and perform tougher tasks.